Run To Win…Train, In Order To Finish Well. Hello everyone. Yesterday I attended a leadership summit and was privileged to listen and speak with great minds. The summit laid emphasis on the need for everyone to run in life with the intention of winning. This cuts across all works of life. As the speaker spoke,…

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Walk In Love

You cant walk in love if you have unforgiveness in your heart.  When you pretend to love someone or if you are keeping anyone in your heart because you hate him or her; when you pray to God, he isn’t going to listen to your prayer and all your prayers and praises are all going to be hindered because you are not walking in love. 

Apart from that if you see anyone or your friend who really needs something, if you have that particular thing, don’t say come back tomorrow and I will give you when it’s right there with you, that’s being very selfish and God doesnt love that. 

I understand that there are things people do to hurt us and it’s hard to forgive but with the help and grace of God we can because no man can do it on his own. Remember it is written in the bible that walking in love covers a multitude of sins.  “Most importantly, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins”.

There are things we have done that is against God’s  will but he is forever faithful that each time we confess our sins, he forgives and forgets it. That’s because he walks in love and loves each and everyone of us with an everlasting love.

Always With Me

The day my aunty died was pretty much the worst day of my life. I thought about her, dreamed about her and cried almost every day. I cried when I saw pictures of her, when I saw her Bakery I cried.

At first I didn’t want to accept the fact that she was indeed gone. Soon enough I did. But then I realized that I was wrong! So maybe I couldn’t see her, or talk to her as I used to, but she was still there. Aunty Helen, where ever she is — heaven probably– is always with me. She’s watching over me, her children, and her wonderful husband. And probably smiling proudly.